You can dance if you want to.

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As of 8/8/11, this journal was renamed from "alchematrix" to halogin. The old name will still forward for however long they do that stuff. And the name is changed in the various communities/friends lists/etc I have. Needed something new! :)

Happily married to kosmos_eve. :)

Current LJ layout is the work of scholarslayouts, the "Twelve Dancing Princesses" layout. I loved the look of it, and the artwork; I chose the title ("You can dance if you want to", from that classic song "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats) because of that fairy tale. Those princesses can dance if they want to!

And, my MMO geekery--

World of Warcraft
Wyrmrest Accord:
Alinor, level 85 blood elf fire mage
Caolan, level 85 blood elf holy priest
Lucrezia, level 85 blood elf fury warrior
Chesric, level 85 blood elf protection paladin
Cumulonimbus, level 85 goblin ele/resto shaman
Elèanor, level 85 worgen survival hunter
Xandari, level 77 human holy paladin
Cass, level 70 worgen subtlety rogue

Thorium Brotherhood:
Raighne, level 85 dwarf retribution paladin
Jaylie, level 85 night elf fury warrior
Various Others

Moon Guard:
Lavinia, level 85 worgen balance druid
Aelfreth, level 82 blood elf frost death knight
Elianora, level 68 human discipline priest

I'm on the Wyrmrest Accord IC Twitter Project (which includes people from WrA, MG, really just about any server if they want to RP) as @ScienceElf (Alinor), @L_Goldenstar (Lucrezia), @Chesric (Chesric), and @CSilverbranch (Caolan). I mainly post on the first two, but occasionally the others pop up as well. :)

Star Wars: the Old Republic
The Ebon Hawk:
Eleanor, 50 Sith Marauder
Ci'xi, 50 Sith Sorcerer
Lucy, 42 Trooper Vanguard
Vaishe, 25 Bounty Hunter Mercenary
Ci'xhiara, 25 Jedi Sage
Alinor, 14 Smuggler Scoundrel
Xandari, 7 Jedi Knight

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